the resurrection

We are family

Is there a better way to enjoy?

What better way to enjoy time with family?

Real cameras

What? His view was better than mine.

Well, I mean, he did have a better view than me at the time..

Texting while driving is bad

hang up and drive

and texting while walking is coming in as a close second

Free ride

Ride free

Come on and take it

Turtle Life 2015


Here in my safety I am free
Free to be as I am
Free to be what I am
To live as me

The story in your eyes


We’re part of the fire that is burning.
From the ashes we can build a brighter day.

Sierra is gone


Rest in paradise, Sierra. Your memory will be a tattoo on my soul. Love you.

I ain’t discriminating.. period


And having to do business with someone who’s lifestyle doesn’t fit my religious belief system isn’t trampling my religious rights because my religious rights don’t have that kind of authority in this country.

I can say I’ve been there


Don’t know where I’m goin’