the resurrection

That long road

I've come a long way

She has fought many battles and won them all with grace
She continues to win fighting the good fight



In thinking about it I want to ask any or all of my friends who know me and my art that if you ever catch me taking this concept about my photos to please slap me back to my senses

Call it home or call it someplace els...

call it home

but don’t call it vacation wonderland

Anywhere to find hope

Trying to find hope

9:23 twelve thirteen and Mark

The silent treatment

call me

Will I ever hear your voice again?

..twenty years..

Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral

..I want to do something that matters

Yeah, well that plan worked


Well, today I’m feeling proud of myself for the bullets that I dodged all the while not feeling hopeful for when the next round begins.

And everybody who is anybody said don...


Be you

I’ve got to do it again.. and I...


When a man admits he’s afraid it is something. This is very true for me.