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05 Apr 2017


Because I’ve been to the mountaintop

04 Apr 2017

4 April 1968

But it doesn’t matter with me now.
Because I’ve been to the mountaintop.

14 Mar 2017

You’ve been warned

These three young ladies are incredible.  Yeah, I’m a fan. So check them out Their official website: Their YouTube channel: Their Facebook page: Now go buy their new CD (check their website for details) This is kind of how it all began and here they are paying tribute to their beginning and one of their favorite bands

19 Feb 2017

Take the power back

Show up, Join up, Read up, Stand up, Rise up

30 Jan 2017

A lesson to be learned – MLK’s “I Have A Dream Speech”

Look and listen.  Do this closely.  Study this video well. Study the attached downloadable transcript.  Study this most important date, 28 August 1963,

25 Jan 2017

Music I wanna share

We Ain’t Gon’ Take It No More – JD’s Revenge

20 Jan 2017

What good

Troubled Times by Green Day

16 Nov 2016

Because I love a good extended guitar solo

Only serious hard core Ohio Players fans have probably heard this cut.

22 Aug 2016