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26 Nov 2017

Maybe you will read these words later. Maybe not. Maybe you will just delete it all and say I’m being ugly and rude. That’s you option, but I will say this. Coming from you this is most disturbing and hurtful.

Something about your feelings is caught up in those pictures. Okay. So it is. The fact that I don’t feel the same is not my issue or sin. I have only told you that I don’t find the images interesting and I made the mistake (yes, this I will admit) of telling you my feelings towards what I see from his images. I should have just passed on the whole thing because your reaction is way too much.

Make sure that you don’t ever, ever share his work with me again. I don’t need this drama!

Good night

If this stupid argument has put a big strain on our friendship then it would seem there never was a friendship. 

If I don’t know where I stand on this I will say this.  I thought where I stood was in a friendship where I didn’t have to agree with and feel the same way my friend does about anything and if asked I could reply according to this understanding without being attacked and treated like I have just insulted someone or something.

In my comments I made sure not to say anything deliberately that would insult or denigrate the persons involved or the art piece in question.  I stated what I truly think which was to say that I don’t feel what you feel.  Why is that so wrong? 

You need to do some self-assessment.

This isn’t love

04 Oct 2017

I’ve been in love with a woman who has never existed
never will


11 Jul 2017
Relationships don’t create joy, they reflect it — Mitra Shahidi
10 Jul 2017

All I really want

and what I wouldn’t give to find a kindred,
someone else to catch this drift

11 Jun 2017

I’m straight struggling, here

Don’t know where I’m going
I just keep on rowing
I just keep on rowing
Gotta row

07 Jun 2017

Inside these walls

Another place to hide it all

07 Jun 2017

But if you can make sense of it..

So many times I find myself in a struggle because of it.

03 Jun 2017


always. every time.

29 May 2017

I got too much time to think about that young woman.
Where the rest of y’all at?
Is this any way to treat a fraction?