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28 Oct 2012
06 Oct 2012

Rush hour

I titled this ​rush hour​ because it was taken in Louisville during rush hour.

12 Mar 2012

After the love is gone

We shot this in a park on a cold, rainy, Saturday night during the ’08 Thanksgiving weekend. Tanya and I had become regular collaborators and we had set out to create more images for my balloon series. In this case my little red headed step-sister was a fabulous trooper.

02 Feb 2012

What hurts is how you can go from someone who calls or texts me daily flowing with “I love you’s” to someone who can’t be bothered to return a text message in a span of just a few days.  How is it that I can be so easily written off?

So this is love.  So this is friendship.

28 Jan 2012


I’ll ride the wave
Where it takes me
I’ll hold the pain
Release me

24 Dec 2011

Fish without water

My art is how I breathe. Take it away from me and I become as the proverbial fish out of water, flailing and flopping about trying to get precious oxygen back into my blood.

12 Dec 2011

Another image test

From the Breast Cancer Awareness series featuring model Nedah Oyin