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31 Mar 2017

Oh bother

People always think of a young person when such a subject comes up, but our society has no use for us seniors.

27 Jan 2016
Canon 40D live view

Just trip that shutter

You have to just trip the shutter when you feel compelled to

18 Dec 2015

This is in regards to my feelings about Model Mayhem, a networking site that I used to launch my efforts into working with models.  It’s an excerpt from a letter I wrote to a friend who knows the experience.

The alternatives are definitely worse which is why MM is even more of a pain.

My analogy of the mall – we have a mall here in Nashville (Opry Mills) which was built next to the expressway on land that was once home to a family amusement park.  The place literally has two points of entry.  The main entrance is fed from the expressway from both directions (talk about traffic jam) and then there’s a “back door” entrance which connects to the only main road that runs by the location.  It’s mostly one lane either direction with a few turn lane cutouts.  Parking is, also, in limited supply, although if a person doesn’t mind walking for nearly a mile spaces can be found.  During max busy times they have taken up running shuttles from satellite parking locations, but those shuttle buses still have to contend with the traffic.  Once inside, it’s the typical mall experience and for a guy like me who nearly has a phobia of being in the midst of large crowds it’s a tiresome journey through masses of people meandering about (I used to have to deliver pizzas to this location).  Just like this mall, MM has its usefulness, but I loathe going there.

I recently contacted a local model on MM who was much experienced, but she had taken a break and now her portfolio was years dated.  She was looking to update her stuff.  I’m sure my TF* offer wasn’t exciting, but the only response I got from her was a picture compliment on one of my recent pictures with Ashley.   -_-

My work stacks up, but I will defer to the notion that experienced models know what they’re looking for. So if they don’t see that in my portfolio I’m gracious enough to let it go.  Again, this was a MM experience from a local model.  This is why I’m pleased to be working with Ashley.  Too much B.S. to go through with MM and local models.  It’s practically a time waste and it definitely ruins my enthusiasm.

Cynthia's southeast road tripI have a ton of respect for MM. It provided me the platform I needed to take my artistic intentions with photography to a level of respectability. Even more than that I have met and gained friendships from some amazing people and artists. The latter is part of my life’s treasures. It has been worth the battle.

That being said, my feelings about the site are closer to that of old neighborhood stomping ground that isn’t what it used to be. So, yeah, I’ve pretty much moved on from the place.

25 Aug 2015


In thinking about it I want to ask any or all of my friends who know me and my art that if you ever catch me taking this concept about my photos to please slap me back to my senses

27 Feb 2015

I’m just an old man

I’m just an old man left to pick up the pieces of a life lived too foolishly at times and too much on the sidelines at other times. My art is pretty much all I’ve got left to hold onto. For me it’s more than making something nice for someone to look at. It’s me shaking my fists at the world and proclaiming “I’m still here!”

21 Aug 2014
05 Sep 2013

These are my tools

or better yet, call them my weapons. It’s through them that I live and without them may as well be dead. The Divine dictates my life and has anointed me with a skill to enable these, my weapons, to extract meaning or purpose from what seems like an inescapable maze of which I stumble to navigate.