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Tag : non-profit

06 Dec 2017

I just want to make art for the sake of it.  I just want to express myself through it.  I use it to say my piece.  It’s therapy.  It allows me a way of coping.

I understand the logic of making art for a living if that’s what one loves to do, but I don’t want my art to pay my way.  I don’t want to profit from my art.  If I did that would make it a means to survive.  That’s what toiling in the fields is.  A means to survive.  That’s why we work the crops or make ourselves slaves to the economic world.

I don’t want my art to be that.  I don’t want it to be the yield of my crop because then I would have to tend to it as if it was.  I would have to make sure that it was in bartering condition and spend much time marketing it so that it brings a return on my investment.  That’s not what I want my art to do.

My art allows my soul to breathe.  It moves the blood through the veins of the spirit in me.  I want it to do the same for others or at least help to inspire them in some way that makes their lives better.  The return on that investment can’t be measured in gold or any form of currency.  That brings life.  Real life.  

That’s all I want from my art.