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03 Jun 2017


always. every time.

29 May 2017

I got too much time to think about that young woman.
Where the rest of y’all at?
Is this any way to treat a fraction?

08 May 2017
I'm not concerned about oversaturation because there is only one person who takes that jump and stands with me. All the rest just talk about it doing nothing more. — Kayelless




08 May 2017

Un sentiment

So don’t run from it.
Run with it.

31 Mar 2017

Oh bother

People always think of a young person when such a subject comes up, but our society has no use for us seniors.

25 Feb 2017

I’m not interested in getting paid for my art.  I have other methods of feeding myself.

My art is about self-expression.  That’s who I am.  I don’t come with a price tag.

10 Dec 2016
Some say I'm a visionary. I just smile and say "it's art." — Kayelless

Self sarcasm is best

21 Aug 2016
24 Jul 2016

To me something is truly poetic and meaningful when expressed in metaphors. For example, take songs. I typically don’t care for straight forward lyrics. I love songs where the words relate to something else instead of the exact phrasing used. I’m the same way about poetry and (big surprise) photography. When I make a picture I’m usually trying to reference something metaphorically. Yeah, uh.. I’ve missed that goal or target way more times than I’ve hit it, but it’s still my intention.