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Tag : living with depression

31 Mar 2017

Oh bother

People always think of a young person when such a subject comes up, but our society has no use for us seniors.

07 Feb 2017
Dammit, I’m hibernating, again.  Don’t know why I don’t want to appreciate your world.
27 Nov 2016

Dogman – I so feel this

Let me take my thoughts away, to think about another day. Remembering the times I pray, to help me deal with me.

21 Oct 2016

Sometimes I feel like I’m swimming upstream through a muddy river of my own blood and guts fighting to keep from going over the falls which empty into some forever dark, misty abyss.  Upstream my sanity hangs crucified from the side of a giant, rusted gate, the only opening in a miles long fence made from steam punk metal.
Carvings of all my failed dreams create a grid styled in paisley tattoo on the sweating fence panels.  Inside dwells the remnants of a carnival struggling to hold onto the appearance of festive.
My heart cannot hide from the pain as I succumb to the darkness again.

Another low settles in.

13 Oct 2016

I’ve been in this depressed malaise since June. It has held me back from doing so many ideas of projects that I decided that I should do. Laying here in my bed recovering from yesterday’s medical emergency so very frustrated over what I haven’t even started. Praying for strength. 

21 Aug 2016

very unfulfilled and frustrated right now, but I’ll be back.

20 Apr 2016

I don’t like myself right now.  It’s not a question of self-love, but more of a feeling that I’m not being the person that I want to be right now.  It’s problematic to me and I’m frustrated because of it.

20 Sep 2015

Sometimes we just have to say “hey, I’m not okay, today”

That doesn’t mean that we’ve given up or can’t go on. It just means that for this moment we’re tired of pretending.

22 Aug 2015

..twenty years..

..I want to do something that matters