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10 Jul 2017

All I really want

and what I wouldn’t give to find a kindred,
someone else to catch this drift

07 Feb 2017

Music of the nineties

There was a LOT of great alternative music made during the nineties

16 Nov 2016

Because I love a good extended guitar solo

Only serious hard core Ohio Players fans have probably heard this cut.

16 Nov 2016

Reach down

Reach Down – Temple of the Dog

15 Oct 2016

I wish someone could listen to this song and understand me

Sometimes I think the pain blows my mind

19 Aug 2016

The Skins “Kiss Me”

Since I’ve fallen in love with this band it’s only proper that I share evidence as to why. The band has cited Led Zeppelin as one of their big influences and I have declared lead singer, Bay Li, as having the vocal presence of Chaka Khan with the delivery of Robert Plant.

29 Mar 2016

The music

That’s been stayin’ with me, lately