You just broke the internet

Tag : 2017

07 May 2017


but don’t mistake for broken

05 May 2017

Creative partners in crime

“I’m yellow he is blue it’s nothing we that could hide we made a green meadow whenever we would collide”

02 May 2017
27 Apr 2017
I jump to the sky for my people I walk through the fire I give love when it's equal don't tell me not to complain about my money or pain when you come around telling me that I've changed Damn right I've fucking changed there ain't much I can do but I do all I can but I'm not a fool there's no need to pretend there ain't much I can do but I do all I can but what can I do if I do till it's gone — Yelawolf

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with Ash Mooney-Soto

23 Apr 2017


seeing that lens and that familiar hat last night made it an even more special moment

13 Apr 2017
11 Apr 2017

Traveling and sight seeing

yes, it matters

11 Apr 2017
09 Apr 2017