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Category : Audio

10 Jul 2017

All I really want

and what I wouldn’t give to find a kindred,
someone else to catch this drift

03 Jun 2017


always. every time.

18 May 2017

Chris Cornell R.I.P.

No one entertainer, song writer, singer, musician has had such a personal impact on my psyche as Chris Cornell

07 Feb 2017

Music of the nineties

There was a LOT of great alternative music made during the nineties

08 Jan 2017

But hearts do become disconnected

even when not ready

08 Jan 2017

That’s such a cool song

Were the words she spoke

16 Nov 2016

Reach down

Reach Down – Temple of the Dog

15 Oct 2016

I wish someone could listen to this song and understand me

Sometimes I think the pain blows my mind

22 Aug 2016