So a couple of things about me – in case I forgot to tell you

I believe in God.

I believe in God as a positive force.

I believe in God as a spirit and not some real old man with magical powers that lives in a far off magical place.

My fault

The damage has been done. Nothing I can repair. Consequences are mine to bear

The weight

… old men and depression

Seeing black

If you look at me and see a black man then you fall short of recognizing, understanding, and appreciating the real person that I am.
But if you look at me and see a man who happens to be black, now we (you and I) are on our way to true freedom.

Buddy, can I catch a ride? Nevermind, I’ll walk.

So yesterday I had to result to using my bike to get to work as my vehicle isn’t currently running. Naturally, that caused a few eyebrows to raise at the job. Well, that’s okay. People will do that.

I am a Christian

These aren’t my words. They were written by a Facebook friend, but they speak of my sentiments so clearly regarding my spiritual faith and religion that I wanted to share

Sucker punch

I betrayed myself and ushered my heart’s head into a concrete cornerstone courtesy of a self inflicted sucker punch.

Bruises on my knee

How is it that I can be so easily written off?

Conversation @ work: my daily struggle

An excerpt from an email to a friend..
I have so long tired of working in an environment where speaking with people of our race is split between broken English concealed through thick African accents and/or institutionalized Ebonics. Where subject matter rarely rises above sports or the appeal of some woman’s phat ass.

The chancellors of lust

The chancellors of lust have always held a strong and vocal presence in the parliament of my mind. Too often have the callings from their committees held the swaying votes on critical decisions.


“Being reduced to a catch phrase slogan that’s tossed around for political brownie points. Is that anyway to treat a person?”

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