Regarding hate

Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in this world, but it has not solved one yet ~ Maya Angelou


The bicycle trip for repair tools took a lot out of me. Consequently, I was left without enough strength to finish repairing my truck today. The frustration is overwhelming, but I’m trying…


A friend shared this picture on FB. I love it.

I ain’t gone under yet

So I’m having a very slow go of re-starting my photography. Local models don’t appear to be interested and friends & family are unreliable.

At some point

At some point I’ll return to photographing things that matter to me. At some point I’ll return to creating from my soul.
At some point… because that’s all I really am.
All the rest is just a system of survival

No competition

“I am in competition with no one. I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone. I am simply trying to be better than the person I was yesterday”

These are my tools

or better yet, call them my weapons. It’s through them that I live and without them may as well be dead. The Divine dictates my life and has anointed me with a skill to enable these, my weapons, to extract meaning or purpose from what seems like an inescapable maze of which I stumble to navigate.

I don’t support bigotry.. period!

I’ve dropped you from my news feed and you’re welcome to leave my friends list if you’re so inclined.
Yeah, we’ve got a lot of issues in this country (and world) with race relations, but returning evil for evil and walking around with bigoted attitudes won’t solve a thing. NO ONE IS BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE.
If you want me to share in your hatred and bigotry forget it. I’m not having it.

Dear black people (of America)

My brothers and sisters stop trying to define yourselves by your blackness. Define yourself by your humanity for that is what you are. When you do you’ll find that your blackness is defined by your humanity.

Stop it!

holding grudges
judging others
wanting to cause harm
withholding forgiveness
ignoring others
withholding mercy
throwing stones

No, America is not a Christian nation

America is not a godless nation, not by a long shot, but part of the greatness of our nation is how we are allowed to believe (or not) in a god.

Bullshit, nigga

Paula Deen said niggers – CRUCIFY THAT RACIST BITCH!!!

Hip-hop culture – nigga this and nigga that. Niggas be like.. niggas be like.. nigga, nigga, nigga.. It’s embedded in rap lyrics. Spoken on every street corner. Passed off as “we don’t mean it that way” “We mean it affectionately”

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