You just broke the internet


Over there

Sometimes I feel like the things that matter most are out of reach
15th Jul 17

Let America Be America Again

How did it come to be that in 2017 a poem written in 1935...
4th Jul 17


You are inspiring someone today whether you intend to or not. The question is "what are you inspiring them to?"
14th Apr 17

Funny how that works

Funny how in one breath we denounce fascism and in the next, we want to stomp on those who don’t express their patriotism in the “appropriate” manner.
21st Oct 16

Internet rage

Virtual justice. We just saved the world.
26th Aug 16


I've got a thousand things to say. Unfortunately, I'm down to a few...
4th Aug 16

Old men and root beer

he sits at his typewriter getting drunk off old root beer and writes poems...
31st Mar 16


Somehow I sit here thinking of those things Things that were once you and me
24th Dec 15


Dodo doesn't like me. So I don't like Dodo. What a fair trade, eh?
16th Nov 15


I'm not the same as you so you don't understand me and even though it's not...
16th Nov 15

Solitude is

Silence, playing the blues-
8th Nov 15

Threw my rock

So I threw my rock out into the middle of a big lake yesterday. I...
24th Jul 15