You just broke the internet


All I really want

and what I wouldn't give to find a kindred, someone else to catch this...
10th Jul 17

Let America Be America Again

How did it come to be that in 2017 a poem written in 1935...
4th Jul 17


always. every time.
3rd Jun 17


Because I've been to the mountaintop
5th Apr 17

You’ve been warned

These three young ladies are incredible.  Yeah, I’m a fan. So check them out...
14th Mar 17

Music of the nineties

There was a LOT of great alternative music made during the nineties
7th Feb 17

Music I wanna share

We Ain't Gon' Take It No More - JD's Revenge
25th Jan 17

What good

Troubled Times by Green Day
20th Jan 17
8th Jan 17

Dogman – I so feel this

Let me take my thoughts away, to think about another day. Remembering the...
27th Nov 16

Because I love a good extended guitar solo

Only serious hard core Ohio Players fans have probably heard this cut.
16th Nov 16