You just broke the internet


January 2012


I can only forgive, try to understand and love regardless.  I will not go...
Tue 31Jan2012


I’ll ride the wave Where it takes me I’ll hold the pain Release me
Sat 28Jan2012

Conversation @ work: my daily struggle

An excerpt from an email to a friend.. I have so long tired of working...
Tue 24Jan2012

Closed my laptop in anger

I just closed my laptop in anger. I just looked at myself in anger. I just...
Thu 19Jan2012
December 2011

Drops of jupiter

Always loved the song Drops Of Jupiter by Train. I kind of identified...
Mon 26Dec2011

Fish without water

My art is how I breathe. Take it away from me and I...
Sat 24Dec2011

Mobile uploads

One of the benefits to having a smartphone is the applications that are available...
Wed 14Dec2011