You just broke the internet


January 2012

Closed my laptop in anger

I just closed my laptop in anger. I just looked at myself in anger. I just...
Thu 19Jan2012
December 2011

Drops of jupiter

Always loved the song Drops Of Jupiter by Train. I kind of identified...
Mon 26Dec2011

Fish without water

My art is how I breathe. Take it away from me and I...
Sat 24Dec2011

Mobile uploads

One of the benefits to having a smartphone is the applications that are available...
Wed 14Dec2011

Another image test

From the Breast Cancer Awareness series featuring model Nedah Oyin
Mon 12Dec2011
November 2011


"Being reduced to a catch phrase slogan that's tossed around for political brownie points....
Wed 30Nov2011

Something to measure by

"On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are...
Fri 25Nov2011