You just broke the internet


April 2013


I always liked the way this one came out
Sat 13Apr2013

Comfortable with my voice, I tried to speak

Originally published back in 2010 as part of my breast cancer awareness series -...
Tue 02Apr2013

I never said I’d call you

Some of the stuff I was doing back in 2008, still trying to find...
Tue 02Apr2013
March 2013

My fault

The damage has been done. Nothing I can repair. Consequences are mine to bear
Thu 28Mar2013

What becomes of a broken heart

I don't think I've ever done this before - create a picture of the...
Mon 11Mar2013

The weight

... old men and depression
Wed 06Mar2013

Family practice

Besides shooting at some plants and window blinds I turned my camera towards my...
Sun 03Mar2013
February 2013


Bears are okay in the winter time, but in the summer it's a whole...
Thu 28Feb2013