You just broke the internet


February 2013

Think on these

The first images for the Backstage Project were created in 2009 during an all...
Mon 25Feb2013
December 2012

Has anybody seen my girl?

We tried the balloons this day at my favorite spot under the bridge, but...
Sun 09Dec2012
November 2012

Once upon a time: Cathy

Back in 2007 I was making my leap into serious photography. This young...
Sun 11Nov2012

Only women bleed

He lies right at you You know you hate this game He slaps you once in...
Thu 01Nov2012
October 2012
Sun 28Oct2012

Rush hour

I titled this ​rush hour​ because it was taken in Louisville during rush hour....
Sat 06Oct2012
July 2012

Seeing black

If you look at me and see a black man then you fall short...
Tue 31Jul2012
May 2012

Buddy, can I catch a ride? Nevermind, I’ll walk.

So yesterday I had to result to using my bike to get to work...
Fri 25May2012