You just broke the internet


July 2013
Wed 31Jul2013

This is your life

Not a game that you play. It’s your life. Why do you throw it...
Wed 31Jul2013

The fanciful life

Imagination is a powerful weapon. Use it wisely, but do use it.
Sun 28Jul2013

Over the hills and far away

Resides a place where my love runs free model: Senator Awesomepants
Thu 25Jul2013

Lonely teardrops

I was only dreaming
Thu 25Jul2013

One tree hill

The moon is out on One Tree Hill model: Senator Awesomepants
Thu 25Jul2013


I'll find a way and then I will be back
Thu 25Jul2013

Having made her statement..

She puts the matter behind her and heads off to continue being awesome.
Mon 08Jul2013