You just broke the internet


July 2013

She is made of stout stuff

Fully capable of making it on her own she has survived and come away...
Mon 08Jul2013


Will always be
Sun 07Jul2013

What makes you do stuff like that?

'Cause there is no hiding the truth
Sat 06Jul2013


I think the word "freedom" is tossed around, misinterpreted and worshiped a little too...
Thu 04Jul2013

She did that, too

She talked herself into contributing to the Backstage Project
Tue 02Jul2013

Silent all these years

From the first time I met and shot with Tiffany. I was immediately...
Tue 02Jul2013

Oddly enough..

Some photographer told her she wasn't pretty and refused a paid shoot offer from...
Mon 01Jul2013
June 2013

Bullshit, nigga

Paula Deen said niggers - CRUCIFY THAT RACIST BITCH!!! Hip-hop culture - nigga this and...
Fri 21Jun2013