You just broke the internet


April 2017


Because I've been to the mountaintop
Wed 05Apr2017
March 2017

Oh bother

People always think of a young person when such a subject comes up, but...
Fri 31Mar2017

Girl gang or just me and my friends

somewhere in the USA in some storage room on a Sunday evening..
Tue 21Mar2017

Did the internet break us?

One of the saddest things about internet discussion is how it brings out hostile...
Wed 15Mar2017

You’ve been warned

These three young ladies are incredible.  Yeah, I’m a fan. So check them out...
Tue 14Mar2017
Tue 14Mar2017
February 2017

My art doesn’t come with a price tag

I'm not interested in getting paid for my art. I have other methods...
Sat 25Feb2017