You just broke the internet


September 2017
Thu 07Sep2017
Wed 06Sep2017

That hidden pain

Did you know that every day I obsess over what I didn't get done...
Wed 06Sep2017
July 2017

Over there

Sometimes I feel like the things that matter most are out of reach
Sat 15Jul2017


Relationships don’t create joy, they reflect it
Tue 11Jul2017

All I really want

and what I wouldn't give to find a kindred, someone else to catch this...
Mon 10Jul2017

With all you got

There's a special hustle spirit in someone who will endure not only a marathon of...
Sun 09Jul2017

Let America Be America Again

How did it come to be that in 2017 a poem written in 1935...
Tue 04Jul2017