You just broke the internet


Stop it!

holding grudges judging others HATING wanting to cause harm withholding forgiveness gossiping ridiculing ignoring others withholding mercy throwing stones
22nd Aug 13

No, America is not a Christian nation

America is not a godless nation, not by a long shot, but part of...
14th Aug 13

Bullshit, nigga

Paula Deen said niggers - CRUCIFY THAT RACIST BITCH!!! Hip-hop culture - nigga this and...
21st Jun 13

So a couple of things about me – in case I forgot to tell you

I believe in God. I believe in God as a positive force. I believe in God...
2nd May 13

My fault

The damage has been done. Nothing I can repair. Consequences are mine to bear
28th Mar 13

Seeing black

If you look at me and see a black man then you fall short...
31st Jul 12

Buddy, can I catch a ride? Nevermind, I’ll walk.

So yesterday I had to result to using my bike to get to work...
25th May 12

I am a Christian

These aren't my words. They were written by a Facebook friend, but they speak...
9th Mar 12

Sucker punch

I betrayed myself and ushered my heart's head into a concrete cornerstone courtesy of...
6th Mar 12

Bruises on my knee

How is it that I can be so easily written off?
2nd Feb 12


I can only forgive, try to understand and love regardless.  I will not go...
31st Jan 12

Conversation @ work: my daily struggle

An excerpt from an email to a friend.. I have so long tired of working...
24th Jan 12