You just broke the internet


Bullshit, nigga

Paula Deen said niggers - CRUCIFY THAT RACIST BITCH!!! Hip-hop culture - nigga this and...
21st Jun 13

So a couple of things about me – in case I forgot to tell you

I believe in God. I believe in God as a positive force. I believe in God...
2nd May 13

My fault

The damage has been done. Nothing I can repair. Consequences are mine to bear
28th Mar 13

Seeing black

If you look at me and see a black man then you fall short...
31st Jul 12

Buddy, can I catch a ride? Nevermind, I’ll walk.

So yesterday I had to result to using my bike to get to work...
25th May 12

I am a Christian

These aren't my words. They were written by a Facebook friend, but they speak...
9th Mar 12

Sucker punch

I betrayed myself and ushered my heart's head into a concrete cornerstone courtesy of...
6th Mar 12

Bruises on my knee

How is it that I can be so easily written off?
2nd Feb 12


I can only forgive, try to understand and love regardless.  I will not go...
31st Jan 12

Conversation @ work: my daily struggle

An excerpt from an email to a friend.. I have so long tired of working...
24th Jan 12


"Being reduced to a catch phrase slogan that's tossed around for political brownie points....
30th Nov 11