You just broke the internet


In a changing world have we lost social etiquette?

It seems to me that with the explosion of internet fueled social media, society,...
3rd Apr 16
Canon 40D live view

Just trip that shutter

You have to just trip the shutter when you feel compelled to
27th Jan 16

I’ve been over Model Mayhem for a while

The alternatives are definitely worse which is why MM is even more of a...
18th Dec 15

shaking my head

all this finger pointing, dis-unity and hatred. Always looking for an excuse to hate...
8th Dec 15

Sometimes we just have to say “hey, I’m not okay, today”

That doesn't mean that we've given up or can't go on. It just...
20th Sep 15


In thinking about it I want to ask any or all of my friends...
25th Aug 15

Yeah, well that plan worked

Well, today I'm feeling proud of myself for the bullets that I dodged all...
19th Aug 15

I’ve got to do it again.. and I’m so afraid

When a man admits he's afraid it is something. This is very true...
11th Aug 15

Depression s***s

Depression sucks. I'm here to say. It ain't no joke. It...
3rd Jul 15

Sierra is gone

Rest in paradise, Sierra. Your memory will be a tattoo on my soul....
10th Jun 15

I ain’t discriminating.. period

And having to do business with someone who's lifestyle doesn't fit my religious belief...
3rd Apr 15

Missing someone

is no excuse to be lonely
1st Mar 15