You just broke the internet


7th Aug 16

Metaphorically speaking

To me something is truly poetic and meaningful when expressed in metaphors.
24th Jul 16


I use my titles and captions of my pictures as a method in my...
15th Jul 16


You don't take a photograph. You make it.
6th Jun 16

Meh, no

I don't like myself right now.
20th Apr 16

Here’s what I think

I know it's extremely hard for most of us to realize, accept and cope...
9th Apr 16

My love hate relationship with Marvel’s Black Panther

So the Black Panther was basically the first black super hero. He was "invented"...
7th Apr 16

In a changing world have we lost social etiquette?

It seems to me that with the explosion of internet fueled social media, society,...
3rd Apr 16
Canon 40D live view

Just trip that shutter

You have to just trip the shutter when you feel compelled to
27th Jan 16

I’ve been over Model Mayhem for a while

The alternatives are definitely worse which is why MM is even more of a...
18th Dec 15

shaking my head

all this finger pointing, dis-unity and hatred. Always looking for an excuse to hate...
8th Dec 15

Sometimes we just have to say “hey, I’m not okay, today”

That doesn't mean that we've given up or can't go on. It just...
20th Sep 15