You just broke the internet


15th Oct 16

Gotta get up

I've been in this depressed malaise since June.
13th Oct 16


human is hard work.
24th Aug 16


very unfulfilled and frustrated right now, but I'll be back.
21st Aug 16

Done unto me

Yeah, I stand corrected.
17th Aug 16
7th Aug 16

Metaphorically speaking

To me something is truly poetic and meaningful when expressed in metaphors.
24th Jul 16


I use my titles and captions of my pictures as a method in my...
15th Jul 16


You don't take a photograph. You make it.
6th Jun 16

Meh, no

I don't like myself right now.
20th Apr 16

Here’s what I think

I know it's extremely hard for most of us to realize, accept and cope...
9th Apr 16

My love hate relationship with Marvel’s Black Panther

So the Black Panther was basically the first black super hero. He was "invented"...
7th Apr 16