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Protected: There’s something about her

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
24th Jun 17
11th Jun 17

But if you can make sense of it..

So many times I find myself in a struggle because of it.
7th Jun 17

What I got

I got too much time to think about that young woman
29th May 17

Memorial Day 2017

Let's really honor our fallen soldiers and those who gave their lives for our...
29th May 17

Yeah, pretty much this

Well except that cracked window stuff. 
24th May 17

Chris Cornell R.I.P.

No one entertainer, song writer, singer, musician has had such a personal impact on...
18th May 17

Too much?

I'm not concerned about oversaturation because there is only one person who takes that jump and stands with me. All the rest just talk about it doing nothing more.
8th May 17

Til it’s gone

I jump to the sky for my people I walk through the fire I give love when it's equal don't tell me not to complain about my money or pain when you come around telling me that I've changed Damn right I've fucking changed there ain't much I can do but I do all I can but I'm not a fool there's no need to pretend there ain't much I can do but I do all I can but what can I do if I do till it's gone
27th Apr 17


seeing that lens and that familiar hat last night made it an even more...
23rd Apr 17

I confess

I confess to being less interested in your religious pageantry than I am in seeing you be the LOVE you so proclaim to the world.
16th Apr 17