You just broke the internet

the Images

Night and day

I can tell you how I feel about you
10th Jun 16

Not there, yet

passing time because no one seems to find it
13th May 16

Way back home

My little brother came by for a visit, today
29th Apr 16

4 o’clock

..and I rule the world
29th Apr 16

Can’t stay long

Tryna be a playa, but I can't stay long
16th Apr 16
6th Apr 16

The yum

because hot chocolate must come with whipped cream topping
2nd Apr 16

Three thirty pea em

and you find yourself on the corner of 4th and Union
27th Mar 16

Your nose is a paper cup

"It isn't" she protested. "It's balancing a paper insert!"
27th Mar 16


You've been chasing that foolish dream to hell and back.
24th Mar 16

You never slept in Hollywood

Face to face, son, you know the truth
24th Mar 16