You just broke the internet

the Images


You've been chasing that foolish dream to hell and back.
24th Mar 16

You never slept in Hollywood

Face to face, son, you know the truth
24th Mar 16

Third bass

while you dream of rock and roll
24th Mar 16


we are fighting and we are destroying ourselves
24th Mar 16

Woke up song

in spirit and in mind, let it be
24th Mar 16

Appearing on stage B

All you wanna hear about Nashville is country music
22nd Mar 16

House royalty

It's been said that in ancient times we humans thought of cats like gods
21st Mar 16

Dear Carmen

Thank you so very much.
18th Mar 16

I listen closely heard from a voice

and some of you will never be able
7th Mar 16

Puck the folice

this is the face we make when it takes only six snaps before getting...
6th Mar 16

Digital artist & more

You can't see it, so you don't know what I'm talking about, but one...
3rd Mar 16

She only wanted

to be close to me. To give me the love she knew someday...
3rd Mar 16