You just broke the internet

the Images

I never said I’d call you

Some of the stuff I was doing back in 2008, still trying to find...
2nd Apr 13

What becomes of a broken heart

I don't think I've ever done this before - create a picture of the...
11th Mar 13

The weight

... old men and depression
6th Mar 13

You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

Although from way back in 2009 this still remains my favorite piece of my...
27th Feb 13

Is there a reason? There must be a reason..

When you see me like that. If you look to me like that....
27th Feb 13

Mental emotional nervous strain

The interplay of conflicting elements in a piece of literature, especially a poem.
26th Feb 13

Think on these

The first images for the Backstage Project were created in 2009 during an all...
25th Feb 13

Has anybody seen my girl?

We tried the balloons this day at my favorite spot under the bridge, but...
9th Dec 12

Once upon a time: Cathy

Back in 2007 I was making my leap into serious photography. This young...
11th Nov 12

Only women bleed

He lies right at you You know you hate this game He slaps you once in...
1st Nov 12
28th Oct 12

Rush hour

I titled this ​rush hour​ because it was taken in Louisville during rush hour....
6th Oct 12