Bears are okay in the winter time, but in the summer it’s a whole new ballgame.
The bears stayed home this summer opting not to take their annual sabbatical up north. Instead I was treated to their constant partying out on the deck never letting the camp fire grow dim and the barbeque grill always cooking something. Week after week it was the same songs sung with drunken passion as they filled their faces and bellies. Would that keg ever run dry?

You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

Although from way back in 2009 this still remains my favorite piece of my art work

Is there a reason? There must be a reason..

When you see me like that. If you look to me like that. What is the reason? Please, tell me.

Mental emotional nervous strain

The interplay of conflicting elements in a piece of literature, especially a poem.

Think on these

The first images for the Backstage Project were created in 2009 during an all day photo session with delightful model Elizabeth “Senator Awesomepants.” It was a fun and productive day.

Has anybody seen my girl?

We tried the balloons this day at my favorite spot under the bridge, but the wind didn’t want to cooperate.

Once upon a time: Cathy

Back in 2007 I was making my leap into serious photography. This young singer named Cathy had seen some of my work and came to me wanting me to make some photos of her as she was soon due to give birth and she wanted to have pictures that reflected how much she loved her soon to be born son.

Only women bleed

He lies right at you
You know you hate this game
He slaps you once in a while and you live and love in pain

Rush hour

I titled this ​rush hour​ because it was taken in Louisville during rush hour.

Seeing black

If you look at me and see a black man then you fall short of recognizing, understanding, and appreciating the real person that I am.
But if you look at me and see a man who happens to be black, now we (you and I) are on our way to true freedom.

Buddy, can I catch a ride? Nevermind, I’ll walk.

So yesterday I had to result to using my bike to get to work as my vehicle isn’t currently running. Naturally, that caused a few eyebrows to raise at the job. Well, that’s okay. People will do that.

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