I was trying to hold back today. I was trying not to do this. People need a break. It’s starts to wear on our psyches, but…
I’m pretty distraught now-a-days seeing this “land of the free” degenerate into a fascist state, but it can’t happen unless people want it that way. I know the majority of our citizens really don’t, but too many have been unwilling to stand up to keep it from becoming that. To this end I recognize that a place that came about by invading the land of another, claiming it as holy ground while slaughtering the native inhabitants and enslaving others to build it for them… I’m kind of thinking “what should we have expected?” This place has come around full circle and the sins of its past have returned to collect payment.

And in just a couple of days we’ll be out there with our flags and whatnot joyously proclaiming how great this place is. We’ll go on and on about “freedom” while shitting on the “least of these.” On 19 JUNE 2018 it was announced that the United States was withdrawing from the United Nations Human Rights Council. What does that say about the true goals of the current political regime? It’s a fucking signal that they’re not even trying to disguise their intentions even more. How can so many be so complacent on this? Are we really that sedated? Are we really going to sit here and wait for election days to make the change? Elected officials can do much, but they can’t erase the evil that’s in the hearts of the people. More than anything.. that is what upsets me. Political regimes supposedly come and go, but the fact that we have so many citizens in this country willing to justify and support such blasphemy is what really has me upset and feeling so depressed. So this is who we are? This is what the “United” States is? This is America?

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