Unpopular opinion time.

Warning! I’m not trying to be gentle here and I speak fluent sarcasm. 


I know this is going to upset a lot of people, but it’s what I think and feel about…   Instagram


Specifically, the “family friendly” policies.  Feel free to shoot me when I’m done or hate me for the rest of your lives. Consequences of free speech and all that.  I’ll live.

Now I know the big reply is “if you don’t like it just unfollow.” Coolness. You’re right I can. I consider myself an artist and I do follow as a way of networking and showing support, but I guess I can just step away.

So I’m really over all the (mainly) models who do a high amount of nude pictures posting on Instagram and complaining about the (un-evenly enforced) “censorship.” I agree. Instagram’s censorship policies suck. So does riding the bus. I suggest remembering Instagram is a free to use platform which was not created to cater to your showcasing your professional photos.

Yeah, yeah.. I know.  As of late their banning of certain #hashtags are destroying your ability to make a living. I suggest you do some actual marketing research and put an actual numerical number to this claim. It might help you understand your whole marketing process much better.

On the subject of marketing.. this is the crux of my statement. Stop whining and start branding yourself.
And for goodness sake stop treating Instagram as your personal photo gallery. It isn’t. The same is true for their parent company Facebook.

Simply follow these few steps to better market yourself so that the largest area for showcasing yourself isn’t stomping all over your efforts to earn a living.

  • Get a personal website and link it to Patreon.
  • Use the censoring process to promote your brand. (example: put a big ugly watermark on your pictures with the name of your personal website on it.)
  • Spend some money on advertising (novel idea widely used in the business world) and create one of those ads that have a link to them saying “find out more” and have it linked to your website.

If your only hook to draw people to your Patreon is “see me uncensored” you’re doing it wrong. Hopefully your work has more merit than whether or not certain parts of your anatomy can be seen. (Yeah, I know 50% of the internet just wants to see you naked. I thought you were an artist or is this stripping internet style?)
I’ve seen a number of artists advertising that the full sets featuring the posted image can be found on Patreon. It doesn’t matter if they’ve got nudity or not at that point.  If viewers want to see the full set they’re going to have to pay a little.  That is doing it right! 


Why have a personal website? (I’m speaking of the kind that you pay for) CONTROL
It’s your work.  Stop letting other platforms tell you what you can post.  TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR PRODUCT

Branding; Your brand is your calling card.  Utilize it and quit whining.  If you don’t know how to do it very well… FIND OUT HOW.  Educate yourself!  You want to get paid?  Then learn how to market yourself.

If you just want to show off your cool pictures, then you might as well understand that with any free to the public service censorship will be part of it.  Dry your tears.

One of my FB acquaintances is a model who has great business sense about her work. Yeah, she posts censored images on Instagram and Facebook, but she uses them to point to her work on Patreon.. typically as parts of greater series.  She does a heckin job with her Patreon and she has a personal website that is fantastic. I ‘m extremely impressed with her business process.  You should follow her lead

Budget what little money you do have and invest in your brand.  Advertising grows your business.  Utilize it.  Focus on that instead of how wrong they’re doing artists on free to the public social media sites.

I’ve had my own paid hosted sites for years.  It’s part of my budget.  I spend less than $100 per year for them.  I’m not even trying to make any money from my art and having that ability to control what I showcase is worth what I pay.  I do make photos featuring nude models.  I can post what I want whenever I want, but I don’t bother showcasing them on Instagram.  I don’t want to mess my work up with stupid censoring.


So who the heck am I to be providing this advice?  If you’ve seen my art you may not even find it interesting let alone good, but that’s another subject.  I’m nobody to you.  I’m just a fellow artist who recognizes the silliness and futility of your whining and is providing a few tips, so that you can take control over how your art is seen on the internet and how you can benefit from it.
Truth is your whining has gotten nauseous. 
I look to Instagram for inspiration. I follow you because I think you do interesting, if not truly inspirational work.

I’m just tired of your whining and complaining when I know that there is a path for you to take the wheel and drive your own bus.  All that complaining hurts your persona and brand.

Yes, the internet is changing.  New laws and rules and stuff have made it harder for you to do your thang out there.  That’s the nature of the internet.  It’s still evolving and it wasn’t built to cater specifically to your wants and needs. 

But you have the power to get your things done all the same.  Utilize it.

P.S. Yeah, we’ve all heard the stories of how Instagram pulled the accounts or something like that of this friend or that person because she/he tried to use her/his posts as a way of advertising.  Do it anyway.  No matter what anyone has said or experienced people are successfully doing it.  You might as well at least try.


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