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Here’s the deal.  I’ve been really struggling through most of 2017.  Most of my close friends know this.

Once it became clear to me that all these folks talking about “resistance” weren’t all that interested in sacrificing in order to fight back I started bleeding out my faith in my fellow American as I watched all the reports of some of the biggest horseshit I have ever witnessed in my lifetime go on in this country (from the political arena) and continue to get worse with each day.  I’m going to spare you the rest of that diatribe.  Suffice to say I’ve been going down.

When my father passed away I hit the bottom and I’ve been crawling around and trying to get up ever since.  With the holiday season I started to fade even more.

These last couple of weeks it seems like a fight just to want to breathe.  I dunno whether it was survival instincts or just the residue from all the effort from medical and psychological professionals or maybe a little of both, but these last few days I immersed myself into a tinkering project with one of my dearest hobbies.  Due to this effort I’ve been kind of snuggled away in my cave keeping my mind busy while subconsciously trying to work through things.  I’m not done or out of the clear, yet, but I’ve made some decent progress.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and I’ve a thought to go down to all the celebration and record some people watching.  I have zero, let me repeat that, zero interest in joining in the festivities.  Now-a-days that sort of thing just ain’t my type of hype.  It even borders on disgusting me, but that’s another story.  At least I’ve got an idea of doing something to combat this crushed feeling.

As of this writing the good money is on me not going.  Instead I’ll probably just stay locked away tinkering.

Kind of just wanted to let y’all know how I’m doing.  I love y’all all, with special clarity for y’all who have been a part of my support circle.  Y’all have been so instrumental in keeping me going.


Happy new year,


P.S. Thanks, Jaimie for providing that amazing picture, even it we did make it nine years ago 😉


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