About this flag nonsense

I’m way too caught up in this discussion (or maybe not) but I want to share my personal thoughts on this respecting the flag nonsense. Yes, I just called it nonsense. That’s because that flag is but a symbol. What that means is it stands for something. Well, the ideas that it stands for have never really happened in this land that it flies over. If it deserves such honor then that should mean that idea deserves honor. So what happens when the idea is always being just a nice idea and not really acted upon as a way of life? What is there to take pride in? It’s a false concept.

The American flag is supposed to stand for something just and correct, but too often it brings just the opposite. It would seem that a patriotic thought would be to make sure that we are living up to that idea. If we’re not then who are we to claim offense?

The idea and the concept is worthy of adulation, but we fall way short of even trying to reach for that plateau. That’s a reality that I find by ignoring it is offensive and a disgrace. If a person wants to demand reverence and respect for an idea that’s nice, but ideas are not reality and reality is a lie if we do not intend to make those ideas into reality.

If the symbol is supported by the reality of the idea then by all means keep it holy, but a symbol is just an object. It has no real value. It represents an idea that in our country (these United States of America) is more fantasy than a truth that was ever an honest goal. To that extent I simply have no feeling for it one way or another. It’s not important to me. What is important is what we do in the name of that symbol.

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