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All I really want

Sometimes a song can say what we’re feeling in a way that we relate to so well that it becomes sort of a personal theme.  For me, this song “All I Really Want” by Alanis Morissette has that effect; although I’ve never really pushed it out loud. The hits from Jagged Little Pill were all very good, but this opener so effectively laid it out that I’ve never recovered from the first time I heard it. Amazing song with amazing lyrics.

On a side note this was the first album I heard that stood up in the face of our society and called out our dirty little secrets with such poetic frenzy that I felt sorry for all the people who would not listen to it due to genre or got lost in that smear of “angry bitch” talking. The sheer power of some of the songs was enough to bring tears to my eyes. The poignancy was overwhelming.

There were others before her who stepped up to the mic saying their pieces, but no one brought it down on my ears the way she did. Only Marvin Gaye’s astronomical What’s Going On compares in my heart’s musical catalogue.

Not to get too distracted, this thought, this idea, this desire of mine that inspires me to let a song emphasize it for me can, also, be summed up with.  I just want someone who chooses me over anyone else under any circumstances.   It’s been a long, long, very long time since I can remember that happening. 

With all you got

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