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Music of the nineties

There was a LOT of great alternative music made during the nineties. By alternative, I mean anything that broke the norms of the usual parade. We started off the nineties getting kicked in the face by grunge and gangsta rap, but both of those genres got copped and sold upstream. Before we could catch our breath a new wave of intellectual pop rose to fame and that left us battling for who could hook us faster with a great rift or major beat. By decade close all we knew is the best music ditched the public eye going rogue for all the wrong reasons. The industry was selling neatly wrapped products as fast as the cookie cutter could bake them, then… Napster! The song was never the same.

Quite possibly my favorite song by Fishbone:

Nutmeg – track #15

Chim Chim’s Badass Revenge – 1996 – Rowdy Records


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