I’ve noticed a lot of people are agreeing with me that merely protesting isn’t enough.  A lot of those same people advocate calling your representatives and letting them know how you feel. There are telephone lines linked to special accounts, published lists of congressional offices and email and phone numbers.  There’s even an app that’s been created so that we can send a direct message to the POTUS.  This is all very nice, but for the most part, despite what you might want to think, it’s not doing much to aid your cause, if at all.  The reasoning is simple.  They don’t care!

They know what you’re upset about and they don’t care what you think.  They don’t care why you’re upset.  They don’t care that you are in total disagreement with what is going on.  And, no, they are not worried about your vote.  Why? Because they’ve been carrying on like this for decades and all we do is keep voting them back into office. They’re not listening, unless you’re someone who is encouraging them to keep doing what they’ve been doing.  You know, like build that wall?

Okay, fair enough, if you happen to be a semi-fortunate citizen who is represented by Democrats or progressives, then at least they’re listening to your concerns.  To that end, though, it’s pretty much, as the saying goes, “preaching to the choir.”  They’re in agreement with you and they’re already trying to do what they can do to stop this craziness and right the ship.  Outnumbered as they are right now, it is not a simple task.  So why are you tying up their time writing and calling them about what they already know and are working on?

I think that a lot of people are hoping that they’ve got somebody who’s on the fence and might twist back to their senses.  That’s a big maybe.  These are the same people who just spent the last eight years trying to disrupt, discredit and defeat the last guy who supported your views.  So good luck with that.  I’ve got better things to do.

However, if you still insist on trying to contact these politicians I suggest that instead of trying to contact your representative that you contact Congressman John Lewis.  I know you’ve heard the name.  He was recently in the news around the MLK holiday because a certain POTUS-e (at the time) claimed he was all talk.  This being said about a man who was not just involved with the Civil Rights Movement, he was on the front lines.  The front lines, people!

Cool.  You know this, so why call him?  What’s he going to do that’s any different from the rest?  Well, contrary to what you might be thinking I’m not suggesting that you reach out to him to voice your concern so that he might take your voices to the fight.  I’m making this suggesting for you to consult with him, ask him about what he went through during those days of civil rights struggles and what they did to lead such a great movement.  Right.  I’m saying that we should be asking him for information on how to successfully stop this fascist regime.

John Lewis has done it.  He’s been in those protests, those marches and he was an active participant in working the strategy that created a successful campaign.  Talk with the man who knows what a successful movement is about and how to conduct one.  Ask his advice.  See if he can come speak to your group.  Listen to him and learn, so that we can be successful like he once was.

It’s strategy, my friends.  It’s what to do besides protests rallies.  It’s even how, where and when to hold them. Keys to victory.  We need not be so sure of ourselves with our book smarts and our rage.  There are specific reasons why some movements are successful and some end up doing nothing.  This is our country.  This is our lives and the future lives of our children.  This is too important to be wasted because we think we can do this with our own wit and guile.

You think all of these rallies and marches are accomplishing a big deal?  No.  They are not.  Yeah, they’re letting your voice be heard, but it’s nothing that wasn’t already known.

Step over that.  Be smarter.  Be truly capable of causing change for the good of our nation.  We can do it.

Congressman Lewis has set up a page with information at how to get in touch with him.  Follow this link contact John Lewis to reach out to him and find out what we can learn from him.  That’s what I’m going to do.

I know that we want things to happen fast, but it’s not a realistic desire.  This thing is going to take some time.  It’s going to be hard.  It’s going to hurt.  It’s going to put us through some stuff.  So what? If it comes easy it won’t last.  Nothing that comes easy does.  Let’s get prepared and do it right, this time.

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