Originally posted 8 November 2016 on Turtle Life concerning citizens breaking out into protests over the winner of Election-2016.

This will be my first statement in regards to the aftermath of the recent election. I have much more to say, but as I am recovering from major surgery I have found that dwelling too much on the issues hampers my healing process. Instead I will be publishing my thoughts in measured doses.

Itruly understand the frustration and rage. I feel it, too, but I don’t think this is the proper time for protests in the streets. Protests have their place and purpose and usefulness. It’s to this usefulness that I speak.

In their purest form protests are meant to let someone ( whomever that may be) know of our views on some issue of major importance. In regards to current events protests are being held to express displeasure with the results of the election. Specifically, the winner of said election. This is all well and good except in order for the protests to truly be effective they must successfully resonate with their intended targets. Unfortunately, this is a case in which the protests are, for lack of better term, falling on deaf ears. They’re protesting to people who really don’t care what they think of the election results.

In a way protests are like sweat – perspiration when a body is physically active. The sweating does the body good; however it doesn’t have any impact on the purpose for the physical activity. The protests are a great release for the protesters, but beyond that they’re doing little of anything else. Despite what they want to believe they’re just running in place.

What? Signifying to the government and elected officials that much of our citizenry are dissatisfied and upset? Do you really think they don’t know this? Do you really think they care? If your opinion and concerns carried so much impact they didn’t show in the election results. Where is your power of the vote?

Throw out all the pet answers that you want, but the fact remains not enough of us showed up. Not enough of us hit the voting stations in support of a candidate capable of winning. Now we have to deal with the results, like them or not. Now, we are faced with a problem that is as grave as anything this nation has experienced short of the civil war. It’s my belief that we are dealing with a time in our country’s history/future that carries at least the same level of importance as the civil rights movement. We can’t afford to waste it running in place.

So if now is not the time for protests then what is it that we should be doing? Stay tuned. I have some ideas and suggestions.

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