You just broke the internet

Internet rage

Internet rage –
Social injustice
That whole white privileged thing
Your sports heroes are rapists
None of the above election 2016 start over
Because we can
Because we’re making a better world
Everybody share this meme
I’m right and your wrong (f/u grammar police)
David Bowie
Love everyone and all things, but don’t believe in God
Religion is everything wrong with the world
Type “Amen” and share this Jesus meme
Snap Chat
Support the Native American, but give nothing back
Confederate Flag
Police killed another black person
Street protests and riots
Marijuana isn’t legal yet big, big problem
Louisiana flooded. Send help now, but don’t send thoughts and prayers
Vegan cool
It’s all a great conspiracy
WikiLeaks has your phone number
Don’t shop there
Don’t eat there
Because racists
Better be loving Gays loudly supporting every. single. thing.
Virtual justice
We just saved the world

– internet rage

©2016 Kayelless

From back in the day to present day

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