In a changing world have we lost social etiquette?

It’s hard for me to put into words, or at least explain it in a way that sounds plausible, but I’m going to try..

It seems to me that with the explosion of internet fueled social media, society, both in small groups and at large, really wasn’t prepared and is struggling with a new concept of etiquette. To wit the ways that we used to communicate and relate to each other in groups, individually or in general public.. the rules (for lack of better terminology) have changed. Face to face, or as we call it IRL (in real life), we deal with each other and exchange pretty much in the same old ways, but through the channels provided by the internet we don’t follow those same guidelines.. and I don’t think we were prepared for this. It has brought to surface a new ramification that makes us (society in general) seem less evolved (civilized) than what we believe ourselves to be.

Internet trolls had no place to hide for the most part IRL. They were left with the famous tasks of writing profanity laced comments, rude accusations and immature drawings on the walls of bathroom stalls. The internet is a wide open playground for trolls. There’s so much evidence in support of that concept, but what I’m really referring to is not the character of the classic “troll,” but, instead, I’m looking at “troll-ish behavior” that has bled onto so many of us causing us to behave towards one another with very harsh manners.

Is this who we really are and have been all along or are we simply victims of a highly infectious, societal disease that breaks us down the way HIV decays the immune systems of infected bodies?

What’s going on, people?

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2 years ago

People are not becoming more foolish. Fools have always shouted over the wispers of the wise. They shout the loudest when they can hide in the shadows or in the back of crowds. Give a fool a keyboard to hide behind, and they will shout all day. Wise people continue to talk softly amongst themselves.

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