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Somehow I sit here thinking of those things
Things that were once you and me
Things that gave me hope
Things that made me try
Things that helped me cope
Things that made me cry
Now those things are gone
Lost with passion to love’s
Everlasting pain

Calling for the mystery in the things that I know not
I continue my search for peace
For peace in things that stay or
Peace in things that don’t forget
For peace in things that hold me dear or
Peace in things I found in you
Never failing my sophisticated need

I cry for these things hearing
The sorrow of my song
For I am of little things
Not of things great
They cheat me
They nurse me but
They healeth me not
Caring not for my salvation
Or my industry in life

So I am here today
Today is where I’ll be
For in this I have nothing
In this I am lost
Coming through the mountainside
Of the matters in my life
I am storied
I am fabled
I am here…. alone

Still I’ll go on
Still I’ll be the same
Memories of things will be
The honor of things you brought to me
Yet things are all that’s given
When things are all one has
Still it’s these things I can’t carry
Down life’s uncharted path
For it’s true, you see, things…..
Get in the way

Kayelless 10/94
Copyright ©2000Kayelless



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