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I’ve got to do it again.. and I’m so afraid

Wasting time here on the web again.  I got some important stuff to do, but I’m dragging my feet trying to get my courage up (or numb) to get it on.  What’s in front of me is a place I tried to leave behind this year. I was beat down in that place before.  My purpose for living was held ransom.  The torture that was heaped upon me left me broken like PTSD.

When a man admits he’s afraid it is something.  This is very true for me.

We are told to cast our fears upon The Lord.  I have prayed with all of my soul.

We are told that sometimes our paths will take us to places and lead us in such ways that we can’t fathom how we will get to our desires and proper fields.  I’m trying really hard to lean on that concept and walk by faith.

Last time I went there I went for the same reasons that I’m going again.  I’ve looked so hard and yet I still can’t find the error in my ways that brings me back to this place.

It nearly killed me that last time.  I’m so afraid that this time it’s going to finish what it failed to complete before.

Father God, please hear your child..

And everybody who is anybody said don't be a somebody
Threw my rock

One thought on “I’ve got to do it again.. and I’m so afraid”

  1. no error in your ways
    we all keep moving
    in linear circles
    finding our feet on paths
    we’ve walked before
    and will, again
    and again
    until we stop, look up
    and see ourselves
    looking back at us
    see ourselves
    moving on

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