I ain’t discriminating.. period

Originally posted on my FB page

I just want to make this clear.

I come from a very religious Christian family and as such a lot of my background is rooted in such philosophy as well as me having a good number of family and long time friends rooted there.  Many of you have seen my posts and statements in support of LGBT people.  I’m sure there are those among my FB family of friends and family who don’t agree with such.  That’s okay.


I want y’all to know (even my anti-religion or anti-Christian friends) that I have always felt that discrimination against anyone was wrong – at least as far as how we consider it in the US of A.  To that end I want it to be known that I came up with the whole anti-homosexuality thing and for a long, long time I just thought homosexuality was whacked.  Still, even then when the subject of discrimination against them came up I was against it.  In America everybody has that right to live their lives peacefully without harming anyone regardless if we don’t agree with the morality of it.  That’s just how this country was made to be (we’ve fallen way short of that effort).

From a Christian standpoint I understood that being faithful to Christ and a servant to God did NOT us put in a position to judge and condemn others.  God retained that part alone and is going to sort it all out come Judgement Day.  It simply ain’t my job.  My job is to be a good ambassador for God. If I’m to do that I can’t be going around condemning people and trying to put myself above them.  Jesus didn’t do it and he is the one human who had absolute power to make His will be done.  He didn’t do that.  Instead he actually laid His life down so that all may find grace.

Although, my mind and heart has changed regarding homosexuality and the issues that LGBT people have to fight my philosophy has never changed.  Even as a Christian it wasn’t my business to judge and discriminate.  Just because I might find a religious reason not to accept homosexuality, by fact of me living in the United States, which was formed to allow ALL religions and created law that called for the separation of church and state, I’m obligated to not force my religious beliefs on others.

The Christian religion teaches us to respect the laws of our land even though we do serve a higher power.  Marriage is NOT strictly a religious property and if the laws of my land say people of the same sex can marry good for them.  I don’t see a need for my religion to approve of it in order for me to allow it.  Do I think God has an issue with it?  What does it matter?  That’s not my business.  That’s God’s business and I’m not about to go stepping into areas God told me not to come into.  Now if God said don’t be getting with folks of my same sex it’s up to me (and me alone) to not do that, but anyone else has to deal with God on the matter.  I’m not the prosecutor,  the defense lawyer, the DA or the judge.  Not my roll.  I’m supposed to love leaving the rest up to God.  I don’t have to make anybody repent of any sins.  Not my job.

That being said, I can’t and don’t agree with any religious argument for the discrimination of LGBT people.  That’s regardless if I think their thing is wrong or right.  In this country we’re supposedly not to make any laws based on religious beliefs, so that means no discrimination based on religious beliefs.  Even as a servant of the Divine God and Lord Jesus I can be and am good with that.

And having to do business with someone who’s lifestyle doesn’t fit my religious belief system isn’t trampling my religious rights because my religious rights don’t have that kind of authority in this country.  I do have a right to honor my religious belief system in conducting my life as an American citizen, but I’m responsible for understanding and living within the laws of this country.  So if I got a problem with doing business with someone who I might not approve of from a religious standpoint it’s pretty much the obvious choice for me NOT to go into business with the general public.  This is not my country obstructing my religion.  This is me knowing and respecting how my country works.  If I want to live here and enjoy the perks of citizenship then it’s on me to either work with that or move on.

As a Christian it’s not for me to force my beliefs in God on anyone or demand that the laws cater to my beliefs.  Lord Jesus didn’t do that.  Don’t give me that story about the rage in the temple, again.  If Christ was only about that He didn’t have to stop with that temple or let himself be crucified.  It’s very important that we remember just how much power (and authority) Jesus had.  He could have just as easily made every knee bow to Him and recognize God in Him and be worshiped as king, but He didn’t for good reason.  Those truly following Jesus and honoring God understand and know that it’s not necessary to do that.

The bottom line is this.  We don’t have to agree or understand it.  It’s just not our role to judge and discriminate.  It isn’t about sin, sinful living or condoning it.  We were never told to go around stomping out sin.  We were told to spread the good news and that good news is God’s love.  God will take care of the sin or sinful living part.

Here’s a personal confession.  It was when I decided to embrace that fact and just love that I truly found God’s spirit in me.

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