An open letter (of sorts) to a model

Keep your clothes on

or take them off if you want. It doesn’t matter to me. What I’m interested in is creating art. From your bio I get that you want to do that, too, so I’m writing to say “let’s get it up and put something together.”

If your first response is to ask me what do I have in mind then this conversation is finished; although it’s completely fair of you to ask that question of someone who is contacting you about working together. That’s a natural response. I’m just not writing you to pitch some concept for you to evaluate and decide if it will fit your needs.

I’ve done that too many times in the past and all it got me was a bunch of conversations about a plan, but when it came down to getting it done all I got was excuses, sorry’s and a creative idea put back on the shelf. I hope you’ll forgive my tone if I come off as a bit defensive or exasperated. I’m simply looking for people in this town who are into creating some art via pictures.

It’s a collaboration that I’m after. You said that you want to create art and I want someone to help me do that, but I want that someone to be as invested in it as I am. If all you’re after is someone to plug you into his/her idea then we’re not a good fit.

I’ve looked at your portfolio. Lot’s of older stuff. Take a look at mine and you’ll see the same, only lesser amounts. My newer stuff is of better quality, but it’s tepid because I haven’t found someone trying to make that personal investment of creativity. What I can tell is that you take on the challenge. That’s what I’m looking for.

I don’t have a specific idea or style that I’m fixed to. I just have ideas that are spurred by my feelings regarding things and I want to express them. I want to make statements with my images, not just something cool to look at.

If the idea of collaborating with some shluck hack like me picks your interest holler back. Maybe we can put something together. If it doesn’t, then thanks for your time in reading this.

Peace be with you,

Speaking out loud of my frustration (desperation)?
Call it a whispered scream.

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