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The fear of losing your darkness

The fear of losing your darkness | | Psych Central blogs – Unleash your creativity

Creative people oftentimes get attached to their darkness, especially if they use it to draw inspiration for their work. No, I’m not suggesting that people are going out of their way to feel depressed. If you’ve struggled with depression for a long time, there is something familiar and comforting in it in a way that is not even conscious.

Lots of people I meet see a strong link between depression and the level of their creativity. Some reason that it is, in fact, depression that feeds their creative side, that creativity is not theirs and rather a byproduct of their depression. I’ve met lots of people who give depression the credit for their work.

Depression and the fear of losing your creativity –whether you are aware of it or not- keeps you trapped inside yourself because it blurs your senses. This is an almost universal fear common with creative types and I don’t think it is something learned. Yes, depression has been linked with creativity but there is no cause and effect at play.

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Yeah, it’s almost like a Catch 22.  We reach a point where we’re actively trying to escape the bindings of depression, but we have found so much inspiration for our art through it that we fear the improvement will have an adverse affect on what we create.  The above article discusses this challenge that many of us artist struggle to overcome.

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