You just broke the internet

These are my tools

40D & laptop

or better yet, call them my weapons.  It’s through them that I live and without them I may as well be dead.  The Divine dictates my life and has anointed me with a skill to enable these, my weapons, to extract meaning or purpose from what seems like an inescapable maze of which I stumble to navigate.

A meager substance to some.  A pittance.  Some half-chance effort full of last ditch mediocrity.  They wreak of sub-par and can’t be taken seriously… but they’re the glue that holds my heart together.

However weak my arms may be, they are all I have to carry my load.  However broken they are, my legs are all I have to stand on.

My shell and my weight.  Turtle life.


I burn
And in that moment I found my freedom

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