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I don’t support bigotry.. period!

Quoted from my FB status update today

I don’t support bigotry.. period!

I’ve dropped you from my news feed and you’re welcome to leave my friends list if you’re so inclined.

Yeah, we’ve got a lot of issues in this country (and world) with race relations, but returning evil for evil and walking around with bigoted attitudes won’t solve a thing. NO ONE IS BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE.

If you want me to share in your hatred and bigotry forget it. I’m not having it!

When I was a child growing up during the civil rights era and dealing with issues of racial inequality and bigotry I was taught that no one was better than me, that I was just as good as anybody. Understanding even then as a little boy that if I am no better than anyone else and in turn no less than anyone then I must accept anyone else under those same terms.

I don’t pretend to be color blind or to ignore our racial and cultural differences. These things are part of our characters and elements of what make us unique. They are of meaningful importance and as such I embrace them; however it is wrong to use them as dividing lines to separate and discriminate.

There is a great evil of racial and cultural discrimination and injustice that permeates our world and it does need to be engaged, fought and defeated. This requires awareness and diligence; but we must understand that it is an agent of evil thus it’s not an us against them situation. We make the mistake when we try to view it as an us against them issue because that’s when we start denying others the same respects that we afford ourselves which then negates equality.

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