No, America is not a Christian nation


This is in regard to a meme I saw on Facebook.  Supposedly a teacher from Missouri wrote a letter to President Obama then posted a copy of what she wrote on the internet for public witness of her anger.  Originating from his first term as president it’s been around for a while and in it she’s chastising him for comments he allegedly made to leaders of other nations while touring them.  Apparently he said that America was not a Christian nation. She took great offense to this and goes on to declare that the USA is indeed a Christian nation.  Her letter had a clear anti-Muslim sentiment and while I’ll ignore her hatred of other cultures I do take issue with someone employed as a teacher having so little understanding of our country’s design.

Despite being already outdated  the goal of the meme was to raise the ire of patriotic citizens by claiming that after writing the letter the teacher’s job had been threatened.  If her job was in fact jeopardized it was probably due to her lack of knowledge about our country thereby challenging her qualifications to teach.

No, America is not a Christian nation. That’s the whole point of that “freedom of religion” thing.

Yes, the dominant religion in America is Christianity, but that’s not a stamp of designation.

Personally, I do not want my country (or my fellow countrymen for that matter) deciding for me my religious faith. This has nothing to do with a belief in God and everything to do with how I should honor and worship God.

America is not a godless nation, not by a long shot, but part of the greatness of our nation is how we are allowed to believe (or not) in a god.

Other nations and cultures can do what they want, but I thank God that mine allows me my choice to The Divine Holy Spirit.  If I’m going to be patriotic over my religion in this country I’m going to be patriotic over the fact that it holds no religion as its own.

model: Lysistrata

Jerry Winnett

5 years ago

Sums up my own feelings.

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