You just broke the internet

So a couple of things about me – in case I forgot to tell you

I believe in God.

I believe in God as a positive force.

I believe in God as a spirit and not some real old man with magical powers that lives in a far off magical place.

I do not believe in the humanization of God – taking human characteristics, feelings and attitudes and applying them to God. I believe in the opposite.

I put my faith in God, not religion.

I do not see religion as God nor do I see them as exclusively connected.

I don’t believe in God as a symbol of religion.

Religion is just one method that we’ve used to try and connect with God and commune with God. I don’t believe it as the only way.

I believe at some point most likely beyond our existence in this physical plane we all will find out just what this God entity is and our relationship to it.

Humans placate themselves with religion, but I believe God has a better use for it. We humans have been too busy fighting amongst ourselves to figure that out.


Peace be with you



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