Something happened along the way
What used to be happy is sad

model: Tanya

We shot this in a park on a cold, rainy, Saturday night during the '08 Thanksgiving weekend.  Tanya and I had become regular collaborators and we had set out to create more images for my balloon series.  In this case my little red headed step-sister was a fabulous trooper.  The park was attached to a school that was nestled inside an older neighborhood.  The 40° temperatures and misting rain added a bit of challenge to this guerrilla shoot, but that added to our creative inspiration.

When the time came that I was ready to publish our piece I was struck by the emotion that we had captured with this image.  It reminded me of what one might be left with after the end of a fun (party) romance.  The title of a favorite song came to mind which I thought fit the scene perfectly.

A bit more back story; I did a horrid job with the initial photograph and failed to capture the evidence of the dreary weather conditions.  Much of what you see I had to add via Photoshop.  I'm kind of proud of my restoration success to that end.  I hope that you approve.