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I am a Christian

These aren’t my words. They were written by a Facebook friend, but they speak of my sentiments so clearly regarding my spiritual faith and religion that I wanted to share not only for me, but for Larry and all Christians who feel this way.

“I am a Christian, and unabashedly so. I believe the deepest way to love God is to love the people God created, the very way he created them. I believe the truest testimony comes from your behavior and not from your lip service. I am led by my heart and not by religious dogma. I believe that what is true for me may not be true for someone else. I believe that comparing others lives to my standards is not only un-Christlike, but it is blasphemous. I believe that I hold no monopoly on knowing God, and that others that believe differently than I do have just as deep and significant a relationship with God as I do. I listen far more than I pray. I embrace the lonely, the hurting, the broken regardless of how sinful I am told they are. I try to see beauty in everyone I meet, and pray that people see God’s true face in me. I believe in sacrificing yourself for others, and being good even to those who have sought to hurt you. I try my best each day to be as good a person as I can be, and I know I often fail. I am a Christian, and unabashedly so.” ~ Larry Drayton

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